In the last two years the elegant and timeless beauty of ceramics has been rediscovered. The intrinsic characteristics of ceramics, causes the material to be exceptionally adaptable, durable, and hygienic. It is a material that is well suited for residential and commercial projects.

Today, Cersaie is more than ever at the forefront for its strategic use in interior and exterior architecture.

The new identity of ceramics at international exhibition

Ceramics presented at the Cersaie International Ceramics Fair not only boasts various applications in the field of architecture, but its variations are also appreciated as a furnishing material. Ceramics becomes a decisive design and functional compositional element in the construction of spaces, capable of assuming different functions based on the environments in which it is inserted.

At Cersaie, designers, producers, and installers do their best to give ceramics a whole new personality. The salubrity of ceramics makes it suitable for hospitality facilities that focuses on health, fitness, and well-being, and for public use facilities such as hospitals, clinics, or railway networks.

A meeting place for professionals

The Cersaie International Ceramics Fair does not only exhibit products but creates a meeting place for professionals and assist expanding their networks and intensify commercial relationships with the top players in the international market.

At the last show, 236 foreign exhibitors out of a total of 626 exhibitors were counted. Innovation and new ideas for the use of ceramics are not only aimed at professionals but also at visitors looking for inspiration.

Companies exhibiting the highest quality

Cersaie exhibit the highest quality products and it has proven to be a concrete, modern and customer-oriented ceramics event. The products that are displayed are in line with global trends and welcome international influences. Exhibitors choose to show their products at the Cersaie International Ceramics Fair because it is a flagship event for the industry. It allows attendees opportunities to participate in seminars and there are dedicated training spaces for updates and to get professional accreditation.

An exhibition focussed on quality

By reassessing the role that homes play in today’s life, new interior design ideas have emerged, aimed at redefining spaces through architecture where ceramics becomes an innovative design element.

During Cersaie 2021, this trend was anticipated by focusing on the strategic display of ceramic tiles and slabs. The material was chosen for its wholesome qualities and used in architecture as an element capable of highlighting the transition between different environments.

Another trend is the predominant role of ceramics in porcelain stoneware and sometimes enriched with non-slip finishes or reduced thicknesses, to adapt to its role in architectural design.

Ceramics as a design element

The performance of ceramics makes it suitable for large projects that target construction and the tertiary, commercial and industrial sectors. It is ideal for receptions, health, and well-being environments, as well as public and sports facilities.

The new trend is using ceramics as a design element especially as large-format slabs with reduced thicknesses which can be used in furnishings. The healthy quality with the integration of new antibacterial and anti-odour bioactive systems makes it perfect for public and private places.

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