Cement finishes go green

by Tania Wannenburg
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Decorative cement-based finishes provide a durable and low-maintenance finish.

Attaining all the benefits of sustainable construction without sacrificing on aesthetics or breaking the budget is easy, and by going green builders save money over time while at the same time being kinder to the planet.

Cemcrete’s decorative cement-based finishes provide a durable and low-maintenance finish that will last the lifetime of a home.

The following provide compelling reasons to go green with Cemcrete’s cement-based finishes:


Cement or concrete is a durable product offering sheer strength. For this reason it is a crucial element on any construction site with the longest lifespan of any traditional building material. Although certain finishing options may be cheaper at the outset, cement will last longer and give a better return on investment.

Low maintenance

Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, a cement-based finish is very easy to clean and maintain, requiring occasional damp mopping. Cemcrete offers a range of different sealers for various applications and needs, which helps to resist stains, dirt and abrasives. This eliminates the need for soaps or harsh chemical cleaners and keeps the waste from those chemicals out of the environment. To make cleaning of finishes easier, Cemcrete offers a CreteCare Range of maintenance products.

Locally sourced

Cemcrete products are manufactured in South Africa and use mostly locally sourced materials to minimise transportation costs and carbon footprint.


Demolished cement finishes go through a process of grinding which ensures they are used in a variety of commercial-grade ground installations. Smaller pieces can be used in residential construction products or as the sub-base for gravel roads. A variety of recycled materials can also be incorporated into cement either before casting or when it is setting to create a floor or countertop that has a distinct colour or look, especially when using Cemcrete’s PolishCrete or Countertop mix.

Heating and cooling

Concrete is an excellent conductor of heat, getting hot and cold very quickly when exposed to different levels of thermal energy. The conductive properties of a cement finish can be used to support a passive solar heating strategy, where solar radiation entering windows during the day will be retained and slowly emitted at night – ideal for winter.


Cement-based finishes are non-hazardous and don’t require hazardous cleaning products. Not only do cement finishes offer better energy conservation, but they improve indoor air quality as they do not harbour allergens and bacteria.

Added to the green factor, Cemcrete’s cement-based coatings offer a number of colours and designs ideal for any space, be it office, home, retail, warehousing or more. Cemcrete’s range of floor coatings offer a variety of colours and finishes that are adaptable to individual style and taste.

For this reason, cement-based finishes are the perfect example of a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy.

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