Cement feature walls for Doppio Zero

by Tania Wannenburg
Cement feature walls

Designer Emma Spengler comments on why Cemcrete’s off-shutter CemPlaster was selected for the feature walls in the new Doppio Zero Blue Hills.

The new Doppio Zero restaurants feature a refined industrial style that includes elements of cement, wood, copper and exposed brickwork. For the feature walls in these new eateries, Cemcrete’s decorative off-shutter, cement-based wall finish was selected.

Designer Emma Spengler from Emma Spengler Design Consultancy explains more:

How would you describe the style?
The key design intent was to create a space that is casual and comfortable, even if it’s not full with different finishes and furniture items that would create talking points and intrigue. There are various design elements that tie into each other to create a very rich and dynamic space.

Why did you specify Cemcrete off-shutter CemPlaster?
It creates a great impact on feature walls without breaking the bank and as cost is always a factor, both me and the client were very happy to use off-shutter Cemcrete CemPlaster again.

Creating the look
CemPlaster in the colour Pavilion Grey was used to create the off-shutter feature walls for Doppio Zero Blue Hills. The term “off-shutter” originates from the raw concrete look after removing the shuttering, wooden planks or strips used as a temporary structure to contain setting concrete.

Available in a range of earthy colours, CemPlaster is a coloured interior and exterior plaster-on wall coating that creates an attractive mottled finish and adds texture to the surface. The blocks are imprinted on site into the wet CemPlaster coating, using a pre-manufactured mould in the size and shape as preferred by the designer.

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