Cement-based wall finishes – for the life of the building

by Tania Wannenburg
Cement based wall finishes

Decorative cement-based finishes combine attractive looks with sustainability.

Decorative cement-based finishes are the perfect example of a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy. Cemcrete’s decorative finishes on vertical surfaces are not only aesthetically attractive – and available in a wide range of colours – but also waterproof, economical and extremely durable.

Cement has numerous properties that make it one of the most sustainable materials to be used in building and finishing. For one, it is made up of natural aggregates, sand and rock with the addition of water, which use little energy-utilising equipment to obtain. Cement also does not omit any VOCs. What’s more, it has an extremely high thermal mass, meaning that it can easily store heat during the day and radiate it out at night. Heating and cooling systems can consequently be used more efficiently.

The durability of cement also contributes to its sustainability as its long lifespan means cutting down the need and cost for new finishes. On a more superficial level, once sealed, cement has no surface porosity. This means that nothing can penetrate the surface, so it doesn’t allow bacteria, dust and other harmful elements to collect and embed on and into the surface.

Most of Cemcrete’s wall finishes are supplied in dry powder form, requiring water and/or bonding liquids to be added on site. Wall coatings such as CemWash and CemCote, perfect for achieving an attractive mottled and textured finish for both interior and exterior walls, are brushed onto the surface using a brush, along with various other application techniques to achieve different looks. For a smoother look, Cemcrete also offers steel-trowelled applications like CemPlaster for exterior walls and SatinCrete for interior walls. Both the trowel-on wall finishes are ideal for use in bathrooms or for creating the popular off-shutter wall look.

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