Cement-based finishes designed to last

by Tania Wannenburg

Decorative cement-based finishes that are beautiful and functional, and can even be used to create various types of textures.

Decorative finishes are the make-up of design spaces; therefore they must be aesthetically beautiful but at the same time, being the surface layers of utilised spaces, they also have to be functional. To achieve the above, Cemcrete offers a sophisticated range of floor finishes that are technologically advanced to produce all the features of desirable interior and exterior finishes.

As these finishes are cement-based, they are extremely durable and long-lasting while their natural earthiness and ageing process, coupled with their individual colour ranges, make them timeless and beautiful.

Cemcrete finishes are available in a range of natural colours and it is important to remember that the final outcome will be a finish with natural mottling and subtle movement. This adds to the adaptable earthy aesthetic of cement. Furthermore, almost all Cemcrete cement finishes need to be sealed with various sealers to add further effects (gloss, matt, slip resistance, colour enhancement, etc). Most Cemcrete finishes are smooth, but if a textured finish is desired, this can be achieved with various imprinting mats to create a myriad of beautiful finishes that include rock, wood, textured tiles and more.  

It is essential for cement-based floors to have movement or expansion joints incorporated into them to reduce the risk of large, unsightly cracks and allow the foundation to move without affecting the surface finish. Adding to the unique aspects of this product, cement-based floor finishes are hand-applied by specialist applicators. It is seldom that an identical finish will be achieved, even from the exact same hand, while the final look of a cement finish will only be realised in time due to the curing and ageing process.

Many finishing options might be initially cheaper than decorative cement-based finishes, but cement will last much longer and eventually provide a better return on investment. Cemcrete’s cement-based finishes rarely need replacing due to their longevity, especially if properly installed and maintained, making them an aesthetically pleasing investment that will last the life of any project.

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