Cement-based decorative coatings – Covers wide range of applications

by Tania Wannenburg
House Dovey 068

The efficient and proper care of your cement floor ensures its long lifespan and retention of its physical beauty, shine, colour and overall appearance. Realising the need for an effective and easy floor maintenance system, that can be applied by the homeowner and layperson, Cemcrete introduced the CreteCare Range.

Cemcrete’s CreteCare Range consists of three floor maintenance products specifically designed to target the easy upkeep of cement finishes: CreteCare Floor Polish Stripper; CreteCare Floor Polish; and CreteCare Mop & Shine. Each product is formulated to target specific properties/needs to ensure every aspect of floor maintenance.

CreteCare Floor Polish Stripper is a powerful cleaning and floor-polish-stripping medium. Used when the current polish on your cement floor needs to be replaced for upkeep, Cemcrete’s Floor Polish Stripper is effective and easy to use, saving you time and money. It is multi-functional, acting as a stripper/remover and cleaner of floor polishes. Once used, your cement floor is ready to be re-polished to give it a fresh new look.

For existing and new surfaces, CreteCare Floor Polish is perfect for continued maintenance of your cement floor. It is an easy-to-apply, high-gloss, hardwearing, protective polish that will enhance the look and longevity of your floor.

CreteCare Floor Polish delivers excellent black-heel-mark and slip resistance. The protective layer it forms makes it wear-resistant so that the need to replace the sealer becomes minimised, and it is perfect for high-traffic areas and promotes abrasion and scuff resistance. This product can also be used on vinyl, stone, tile and wood floors.

Once applied, general maintenance thereafter becomes effortless when using less harsh and more eco-friendly cleaners such as Cemcrete’s CreteCare Mop&Shine.

Cemcrete’s CreteCare Mop&Shine is a self-shining, wax-based, manual floor maintenance cleaner for previously polished cement and other water-resistant floors such as vinyl, PVC, parquet or artificial stone.

It is a mild detergent that simply cleans your floor surface without removing the polish or damaging the sealer. It is extremely effective and also provides slip resistance as well as restoring the gloss. It is particularly easy to use, with a neutral pH that leaves the floor clean and shining.

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