PPC and Cemcrete’s partnership was showcased again at this year’s Cape Town Mini-Maker Faire in August.

An increasing number of commercial clients are looking for products that can speak to the trend of raw and more artisanal, natural-looking finishes. According to PPC Architect Daniel van der Merwe, this is driving an increased use of cement in projects.

“As property developers demand more cost-effective and durable finishes, as well as building materials which are more environmentally friendly, locally manufactured and less energy-intensive to produce, they’re finding that new composite cement-based products offer them new versatile, creative solutions,” says Daniel.

Many companies in the design industry are teaming up to find new ways to give clients more value. Locally, PPC and Cemcrete initiated a partnership that is geared towards innovation. The partnership has been showcased again at this year’s Cape Town Mini-Maker Faire from 26 – 28 August. Attendees who visited their workshop, which was held on the Saturday and Sunday at the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory, Cape Town, were able to experiment with colours and textures.

Nadine Prinsloo, Cemcrete’s marketing manager, says that their partnership with PPC has put them in the ideal position to give customers a complete cement-based solution.

“Our decorative cementitious products are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to create unique and bespoke finishes through the use of colour, patterns, shapes or even special inlays. Because the finishes are applied by hand, each application has its own personal texture and character determined by everything from trowel movement during application, mixing ratio to temperature on the day. This allows for an almost infinite range of creative finishes which will be a once-off.  In this way customers are able to add their own personalised touch to their homes,” says Nadine.

“People will never think of cement as grey and boring ever again,” concludes Daniel.

For more information, contact Cemcrete on Tel: +27 (11) 474 2415 or via www.cemcrete.co.za.