Cement Aggregate’s Green Possibilities

by Darren
Cement aggregates green possibilities PRATLEY

Pratliperl, an eco-friendly cement aggregate with exceptional insulating and fireproofing properties, can be applied in many different ways.

Pratliperl is a lightweight, thermally insulating and fireproof cement aggregate that’s produced by Pratley. In the previous edition of WALLS & ROOFS (see page 35), the Pratliperl’s sustainability was unpacked, illustrating why this eco-friendly product is ideal for producing lightweight, fireproof and thermally insulating plasters and concrete.

Remarkably, when mixed with ordinary cement, just two 16mm layers of Pratliperl plastered onto the interior and exterior surfaces of a wall, provides the same thermal insulation as a 220mm thick brick wall. In its loose state, Pratliperl has a conductivity (K) value of 0,05W/mK, which the Pratley claims is 20 times more insulating than ordinary plaster sand.

According to Pratley, Pratliperl’s incredible thermal insulation and exceptional fireproofing properties, together with its ease of use, make it simple for architects to comply with strict building regulations.

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Pratliperl applications:
•    Internal and external thermally insulating plaster.
•    Building up lightweight floors in high-rise buildings.
•    Ultra-lightweight concrete bricks and boards.
•    Fire seals and fire barrier walls.
•    Thermally insulating roof decks.
•    Lightweight thermally insulating screeds.
•    Insulating for under-floor heating elements.
•    Insulation below bath tubs.
•    Pizza over-liners.
•    Create fireproof imitation thatch roofs.
•    Paint texturing agent.
•    Lightweight tile-adhesive filler.
•    Loose-fill thermal insulation.
•    Refractory cements.
•    Lightweight pre-cast mouldings like flower pots.
•    Thermally insulating and fireproofing mines and tunnels.
•    Insulating cryogenic tanks.
•    Insulation on the surface of molten metal.

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