Celebrating a 10-Year Milestone

by Darren
Flowcrete Jnl 5 14

Follow the success of a company that has grown significantly over a ten-year period to achieve success as a flooring specialist in the industry.

At the heart of Flowcrete South Africa’s recent celebrations were its ten years of trading, expansion and success in the specialist flooring industry. From its humble beginnings in 2004, this resin flooring company has grown significantly in the industry to its current position as a continental supplier of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems with multiple factories and offices across South Africa.

The event marking this special milestone was attended by all the company’s staff, with Flowcrete South Africa’s Managing Director, Craig Blitenthall, recognising the hard work that had gone into developing the company. “Flowcrete South Africa is proud to have grown into the successful business we are today. Through dedication, determination and having a solid team leading the company, Flowcrete South Africa has become a definite leader in the industry,” he emphasised. “We will continue to evolve, innovate and lead the way for many more years to come.”

The story of Flowcrete South Africa is one of fast-paced progress, the company having quickly made inroads into the national market by acquiring Ivory Industrials in January 2005, a chemical company that manufactured epoxy and synthetic resin-based screeds, linings, grouts and wearing lines. The larger facilities that Ivory Industrials brought with it allowed for rapid growth and Flowcrete South Africa quickly developed a strong reputation in both the Durban and Johannesburg construction sectors.

2008 saw several significant landmarks achieved by the still-young floor manufacturing specialists. It first saw an expansion into the Western Cape market with a new Flowcrete South Africa sales office opening in Cape Town. This meant that the company now covered all the major areas of South Africa.

As part of Flowcrete Group, Flowcrete South Africa joined the rest of the global network when they were acquired by the RPM Group in 2008. This acquisition enabled the South African business to gain a larger network of suppliers while increasing its support base, aiding it to achieve more of the local market share.

An exceptional rate of progress was realised in a short period of time, creating a Flowcrete South Africa that today has large manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Durban and Johannesburg, as well as a new warehouse and sales facility in Cape Town. It is also able to supply construction projects across Africa, and increasing its continental footprint remains a key focus point for the business.

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