Capco stocks all types of ceilings and partition components, including suspended ceilings, ceiling suspension systems, drywall partitioning and office partitioning.

Capco stocks a comprehensive range of ceiling systems sourced from quality international and local manufacturers, with unique designer trims that allow architects, designers and contractors to create distinctive individual ceiling designs that add aesthetic value to an area.

Whatever the space, there is a ceiling system to complement the look.

Suspended ceilings
A suspended ceiling can make a huge difference to an area by either creating a sense of well-being and harmony, serving as a focal point or merely creating a distinct area within the shell of a building.

“Not only are our suspended ceilings aesthetically pleasing, but they also meet the necessary criteria such as fire protection, moisture resistance and acoustic performance,” states Capco’s Barry Gould.

“Whether designing a shopping centre, office building or a private residence, all these environments need thermal qualities, sound attenuation and absorption, as well as the ability to deliver the right ambient light. The ceiling also needs to be integral to services such as lighting, sprinklers, sound systems, air-conditioning, fire and security. It adds aesthetics to the environment and hides the multitude of mechanical and electrical services, yet must also provide total accessibility,” Gould explains.

“Capco has the knowledge, experience and capability to achieve client requirements and exceed expectations, whatever the size, scope or location of any project,” he adds.

Ceilings and partitions for each unique project Capco2

Drywall partitions
In addition to a wide range of ceiling solutions and suspended ceiling systems, Capco also stocks drywall partitioning and office partitioning that offer luxurious appeal with a wide range of partition components.
“Our BETA and BETA EXECUTIVE drywall aluminium sections are a unique combination of the best construction ideas. The patented result is a highly functional, easy-to-install and good-looking system that caters for all types of installations,” Gould points out.

“With so many aspects to consider when it comes to drywalls nowadays, such as fire integrity, acoustic ability, impact resistance, moisture resistance, thermal rating, maximum height issues, curved drywalls and more, it is important to talk to the team at Capco, who has a wealth of experience in the industry,” he advises.

“The company’s experience, expertise and efficient approach have instilled confidence, and secured Capco’s position as an established and trusted name in the ceiling and partition industry.”

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Capco is a one-stop shop for:
–    A wide range of ceilings.
–    Suspended ceilings.
–    Ceiling suspension systems.
–    Drywall partitioning.
–    Office partitioning.
–    Partition components.

Caption: Capco’s BETA EXECUTIVE drywall system, with fully glazed partitions, was installed at Charter House.
Caption: At Audi Pinetown, Capco supplied CKM Aluminium expanded mesh ceiling tiles.