Ceiling insulation makes for comfortable homes

by Darren
Ceiling insulation makes for comfortable homes ISOVER

Isover’s Aerolite ceiling insulation is ideal for creating and maintaining comfortable living spaces.

Isover’s Aerolite ceiling insulation is a non-combustible, glasswool product solution that reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Since Aerolite insulation provides high resistance to the flow of temperature and sound through the building envelope of a house, this limits the impact of the outside temperature and noise variations, helping to maintain a stable and comfortable living environment.

Ideal for new homes, or renovations and even just small upgrades to houses, Isover puts forward six reasons why Aerolite adds value:

1.    Temperature regulation
A typical uninsulated home gains or loses up to 35% of its energy through just the ceiling. The net result is a home that is uncomfortably hot in summer and unnecessarily cold in winter. Aerolite insulates ceilings and dramatically slows down the heat loss or gain, which in turn results in a comfortable home.

2.    Acoustics
Aerolite boasts exceptional acoustic insulation properties and therefore enhances a home’s indoor environment, affording quieter spaces by absorbing sounds from inside the house as well as noise from the outside.

3.    Safety
Aerolite is a certified non-combustible insulation product, which means it won’t burn, smoke or melt in a fire since it is made from glasswool. This will help prevent the rapid spreading of fire and give occupants time to evacuate.

4.    The cost benefit
Against the backdrop of the constrained national grid and higher electricity prices, more and more emphasis is put on the need to conserve energy and reduce electricity usage. Aerolite helps home owners save by limiting heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

5.    Friendly to the environment
Aerolite is made of 80% recycled glass and Isover’s factories are both CFC- and HCFC-free. According to the company, this product saves more than 100 times the energy consumed and the CO2 emitted from the manufacturing process, transporting and disposing, making it a sustainable option.

6.    Ease of installation
Aerolite blankets are easy to install since they can be simply laid on top of any existing ceiling. They are supplied in resilient, flexible compression packed rolls for easy manoeuvring and cutting inside the roof.

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