Cement & Concrete South Africa (CCSA) has among its extensive list of publications two leaflets which deal with plaster problems which often becomes a nightmare for contractors and have for many years been among the most frequent technical inquiries received by the CCSA and its predecessors.

Hanlie Turner, Business Development Manager of CCSA, says many building contractors are not sure how to evaluate acceptable plastering, mainly because of a lack of formal standards or regulations covering plaster quality. “This makes it difficult for home-owners and other clients to force a contractor to make repairs,” she states.

In addition to the tuition in plastering provided by the CCSA’s School of Concrete Technology in its regular courses, CCSA publishes two free leaflets with detailed guidelines on plastering:
Successful Plastering provides the technical information necessary to ensure that plastering is done correctly. It deals with selecting materials (including assessing the suitability of sands), calculating mix proportions, and provides instruction for the preparation of the surface of various substrate before the plaster is applied;
Common defects in plaster discusses how to assess if a plastering project is acceptable and covers the most common defects in this part of the building process. The leaflet includes advice on structural and non-structural cracking, debonding, lack of hardness, grinning (when mortar joints are clearly visible through the plaster), expansion and popping. The causes and repair method for each problem are discussed.

Free copies of these two publications can be obtained from the CCSA’s Information Centre in Midrand or downloaded from the CCSA website www.cemcon-sa.org.za.

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