DSM offers three very affordable construction series, the Cottage Range for a stunning country appeal and the Executive and fair-face Range for a modern contemporary effect, as demonstrated bellow, the Cottage Sandstone Range is chiselled giving each stone a unique cottage stone look, the Executive Sandstone Range is a straight split giving each stone a unique modern look and our fair faced range offers a smooth classic finish.

An introduction to our products / segments / ranges

390x190x140 DSM Breeze Block (Grill Block, Vent Block)
190x190x190 DSM Breeze Block (Grill Block, Vent Block)
Fair-faced Range
Cottage Range
Executive Range
Split Aggregate 222 x 106 X 73 Bricks. 70 Crete
Retainer block
Retainer block

Latest projects with products from DSM MASONRY PTY LTD

Shower wall at a client’s pool
Boundary wall blocking of house from workshop on a farm
House in Sandton build from our Fair face Sandstone range.
Business property that was build with our Executive and fair face range as a combination to make a new age feature and design.
A cottage designed house
Fairy Tale Garden
Cape Town Park Project
Breeze block, Fair Face block & conventional architecture
A Combination of blocks and stunning architecture
A combination of Cottage, Executive and Fair face block.
Modern upmarket estate.
Estate housing with a breeze.