ECONOMICAL: Clay Bricks are thermal batteries, using energy from the sun to provide natural thermal efficiency, reducing the need for electricity-guzzling air-conditioners, heaters and humidifiers. Due to its insulation, durability and strength, clay brick is proven to be the most cost-effective walling material available.

SAFE & SECURE: Clay brick buildings shape South Africa’s architectural heritage – in every province you will find historic brick schools, municipal buildings, hospitals, churches, stately homes and monuments. You will also find durable and affordable brick homes that have protected and served South African families across several generations.

STYLISH: Clay brick has an appealing human scale. Its balanced proportions provide for limitless options as you combine different bond patterns, colours and textures. Clay brick allows you the opportunity to individualise your home – creating a modern work of art that grows in value every year.

SUSTAINABLE: When you build with clay brick, you build for the future. You build safe, healthy environments to live and work. Property owners can rely on a long-term, valuable, easily maintained investment.

And most importantly you create jobs in local communities as well as prosperous entrepreneurs who manufacture, sell and build with South African clay brick.

An introduction to our products / segments / ranges

Clay brick is made from shale and clay and is 100% natural
Brick complements natural construction materials like timber and thatch.
Parameters for brick construction are well known, making it a low-risk construction material.
Clay brick buildings have an average lifespan of more than 100 years.
The modular nature of brick makes it flexible to implement complex and innovative designs.
All clay bricks are made in South Africa.
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