Ceilspray (Pty) Ltd was founded in May 2001 to provide a solution to refurbish acoustic suspended ceilings.

The refurbishment system is a revolutionary and cost-effective spray paint application for acoustic ceilings.

Current services that we offer other than the refurbishment and cleaning of suspended ceilings include other specialised services, like spraying of roofs, specialised waterproofing as well as specialised cleaning of hard floors, including porcelain, granite, marble etc. We don’t just want to service our clients, we want to be their partner in their specific projects, helping them make decisions that will increase the overall value of the project.

An introduction to our products / segments / ranges

Spraying of suspended ceilings, concrete slabs and voids.
Refurbishment and spraying of IBR and corrugated iron roofs includes rust removal spraying of normal roof paint as well as thermal roof coatings
Specialised waterproofing including waterproofing of concrete slabs as well as negative waterproofing

Latest projects with products from Ceilspray

Sanlam PTA
Pick n Pay Centurion
Tiber – West Street
Jet Menlyn


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