installing LVTs

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) require a multi-level system to deliver a well-prepared, smooth and level surface to achieve the desired aesthetic finish and to ensure the sustainability of the installation. TAL shares a case study on installing 4 000m² of LVTs to interior surface beds and suspended slabs within a residential development. 

Vapour barrier 

installing LVTs

Moisture testing of the substrate in ground-floor units was recommended, together with the application of a suitable vapour barrier. LVTs are sensitive to moisture, which, if not managed, can cause a flooring failure. TAL recommended TAL Vaporstop HB and TAL Vapourscreen WB – these moisture-tolerant epoxy priming systems are designed to prevent the passage of water vapour and moisture through concrete slabs. 


  • Wood-floated floors: TAL Floor Primer, a modified latex primer, was specified as this product is easily absorbed into a porous surface, rather than forming a surface layer on the substrate. 
  • Steel-floated floors: The surface was primed with TAL Primercoat, a ready-mix slurry primer coat. This product is light green in colour and dries to a grass-green colour for ease of reference. 


installing LVTs

TAL Profix Plus LVT inhibits the shear movement on the LVT planks once in service, thus reducing the possibility of ‘gapping’ between the planks over time.

A smooth, level surface is required for the successful installation of LVT floor coverings. 

TAL Screedmaster, a self-levelling and smoothing underlayment compound, was applied to the concrete surface beds and conventional reinforced concrete suspended slabs. The product produces a smooth, flexible and hardwearing floor surface, with minimum installation time. 

LVT adhesive 

TAL Profix Plus LVT was used to fix the 184 x 1 220 x 2mm LVT planks. The product is a solvent-free, modified acrylic-based adhesive specifically developed for use with LVTs. 

It is designed for “wet-lay” installations, and the final glue line is rigid once set/cured. This inhibits lateral shear movement on the LVT planks once in service, thus reducing the possibility of “gapping” between the planks over time. 

Issue: Installation of LVTs in a large residential development. 

Solution: A multi-level system of products, designed to work together, delivers a successful project. 

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Tel: +27 860 000 TAL (825) 



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