The Casalgrande Ceramic Crown

The “Digital Star 2022-2023 – Technological Companies” study, conducted by the German Institute for Quality and Finance, recognised Casalgrande Padana in its ceramics section.

Technologies evolving at the speed of light

The German Institute for Quality and Finance leads the field in company analysis and selected the most innovative, technological and digital companies in Italy. With technologies evolving rapidly, it is essential that the ranking in this sector is updated annually. The third edition of the survey was conducted on 300 leading companies and more than 40 issues such as technology, innovation and digitalisation, using the social listening technique, were analysed.

The analysis was carried out on 438 million web sources in Italian and identified 1,5 mentions. The data was used to draw up the ranking, with the largest database of all studies regarding digitalisation in Italy.

Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud

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