Casa Ponte project

The Casa Ponte project was developed with the aim of integrating the house into the morphology of the plot, with its narrow and extended configuration dictating the design. By keeping the house at a high level, it embraces the landscape and takes advantage of the two access points to the site, creating a bridge that the building itself crosses. 

Innovative design 

Casa Ponte project

The house bridges the driveway, which extends between the two access points to the property.

A large concrete roof rests on two boxes of light, clad with polycarbonate, which is highlighting the contours of the house and at the same time giving the sensation of a suspended element. With this solution, an intelligent response is given to the local mandate for sloping roofs. 


Casa Ponte project

A suspended deck over the pool is clad for privacy from the street and highlights the suspended appeal of the design.

The exterior is characterised by flat and clean lines. It is constructed with concrete combined with aluminium slats and polycarbonate, which removes the need for additional coverings. The structure is oriented towards the green of the forest that can be seen in the distance, with privacy guaranteed by the height at which the house is located. 

Casa Ponte project

The skylight and large windows fill the social spaces with light, linking indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fluid spaces 

In terms of lived experience, the guiding principles were directed to the creation of spaces that were fluidly connected, extending to the outside and merging the spaces into one. 

The two volumes clad with polycarbonate are the most intimate areas of the house, with the cladding providing privacy. Wood flooring gives warmth to these private areas. The social areas are open with large, glazed windows. A micro-cement or screeded floor is used in these social areas, flowing seamlessly with the concrete slabs used outside. 

Light and air 

Casa Ponte project

Cement floors provide a homogenous flow throughout the house.

The large windows capture light and communicate directly with the gardens. It is linking the inside spaces without losing the sensorial and visual connection with the outside. 

Variable ceiling heights, provided by the hipped roof, were explored in the social areas of the house. The main living area benefits from a large rectangular skylight on the roof that draws in the light and enhances the elegance of the space by creating a feeling of continuity. 

Project details:

Project name: Ponte House.

Location: Amarante, Portugal.

Architecture office: Stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design, Lda.

Main architect: Ulisses Costa.

Year: 2023.

Total area: 970m².

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to:

Ivo Tavares Studio for the information in this article. 

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