Carpets specified for flagship Queen Mary Cruise liner

by Darren
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The RMS Queen Mary 2 recently underwent a multi-million pound revamp and close to 20 000m2 of carpets were specified.

Carpets from Britons were specified for Cunard’s prestigious RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise liner, 80 years after the same company’s carpets were supplied for the flagship RMS Queen Mary cruise liner. The vessel’s successor recently underwent a multi-million pound revamp and close to 20 000m2 of Briton carpets were installed in the 2 600 passenger vessel. SMC Design appointed Britons for the project and they worked closely with Cunard UK during the project.

RMS Queen Mary 2, which is the flagship vessel of the Cunard line, was launched in 2004. The ship was named by Queen Elizabeth II after the first 1936 namesake ship RMS Queen Mary. The vessel was constructed in France by Chantiers de l’Atlantique and was designed by a team of British naval architects.

The extensive refurbishment project meant that the vessel had to stay in dry-dock for almost a month. Three principles, namely distinct and confident designs in each new area, intuitive layouts and that designs harness the heritage of Cunard, were key to the renovation of the large transatlantic liner. An additional 30 Britannia club cabins, 15 new single cabins and a number of new public areas and suites formed part of the renovation.

“This is an extremely prestigious and exciting project for us, and we worked closely with SMC Design to ensure its vision was brought to life through the carpets,” Marine Sector Manager, James Brighton, told Contract Carpet.

The design team drew inspiration from the original Cunard building in Liverpool and the patterns, effects and shapes used on the floors, walls and ceilings are reflected in the new designs. The extensive design archive at Britons was also utilised to find suitable Art Deco influences for the ship.

“Cunard is delighted to renew its historic association with Britons as suppliers of the finest carpets for Queen Mary 2,” said Cunard Director, Angus Struthers.

“Between them, our designers and our suppliers have gone to painstaking lengths to pay the closest possible attention to detail in determining how our flagship cruise liner will look and feel under the feet of our guests when she re-enters service. Britons supplied our original Queen Mary 80 years ago, so it is entirely fitting that we call on the company’s experience and expertise to inspire the design and choice of carpets for that great liner’s successor,” concludes Angus.

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