Carpeting by French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix

by Madelein
Carpeting by French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix

Mondragon Hotel is the first hotel allowed to operate in historic Zierikzee, a small city established in 1248 near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Belinda Ubbink from Studio Bink innovatively combined forms, materials, colours, lights, decorations and graphic elements – such as flooring – to bring the classic atmosphere of the inner city of Zierikzee to the hotel’s rooms and public areas.

The hotel is named after Cristóbal de Mondragón, a 16th century Spanish general, who in 1575 besieged Zierikzee on behalf of King Philip II of Spain. The hotel rooms of Mondragon Hotel focus on four different design themes: Golden and Blue rooms, Renaissance Green rooms, Metropolitan Silver rooms and Rembrandt Red rooms, which feature striking replicas of famous Rembrandt van Rijn Dutch paintings, including the iconic and massive, “The Night Watch”.

Impressive flooring from Denmark’s Ege Carpets has been specified for the hotel. The company’s Atelier collection, created by renowned French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix, dominates the floor and is available in custom colours. The company’s classic Carreaux runner carpet was specified for the corridors with a broadloom version of Carreaux adorning the staircase platforms and the Heerenkamer (gentleman’s club). A bluish version of Ege’s lush Papillons design captivates patrons of one of the hotel’s gourmet dining rooms, Restaurant Cristo.

KBAC Flooring, which has just completed 50 years in operation, is the sole distributors of Ege Carpets in South Africa.

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