Six Sides – With this new carpet tile

by Darren
Shaw Jnl513

A natural evolution of form, Hexagon is the next logical move for the design of carpet tile.

Non-linear in composition, it’s a perfect reflection of our culture shifting toward more collaborative environments – impacting the way we work, walk, communicate, create and exist within our three dimensional space.

“We are continually researching the influence of mathematics on design, as we search for the ultimate symmetry that is found in everyday objects and in nature,” said Reesie Duncan, creative director for Shaw Contract Group. “In commercial spaces, we achieve the best outcome when we pay respect to the order and process, or the implied natural proportion. Repetitive forms always remain a cornerstone of good architecture and design, and we feel that the geometry of the hexagon is perfection.”

“This new shape reinforces the social aspect of a space as well as the physical and mental interaction that occurs within it. Today, nothing is linear. As a society, we depend on more connection points than ever before, so why shouldn’t our workspace reflect this?”

“Hexagon creates more connection points and removes the linear path. It will change the way people move through the space, to develop socially attractive pockets to facilitate networking and collaboration. We often see our customers create angular, organic seating areas or workspaces – now the Hexagon allows for a similar system to be implemented on the floor.”

The foundation of the collection, Plane, is available in 29 colours of varying hue and value, ranging from cool to warm. Linear provides a classic, striated visual to create a random herringbone texture when installed in a multi-directional manner.

To create a subtle shift of value across the hexagon, Linear Shift is constructed of multiple combined colours. Bevel offers a visual deconstruction of the hexagon – both through a dimensional layering of the shapes and through a plush sheared finish.

The palette for Hexagon was thoughtfully planned to include warm and cool neutrals – colours to enhance our social hives. There are limitless ways to install the Hexagon, yet there is a constant, rhythmic patterning that occurs from the geometric blocking of the tile. The palette is designed in a colour wheel of related values and nuances of tone.

Colour families can be combined in groups of three tonal values to create unique social hives of colour on the floor. This concept extends to unlimited connections, combining colours and patterns to create interconnectedness of the inhabitants of the space.

The development of this collection prompted new innovation and new manufacturing processes, which challenged our product development team, and ultimately resulted in new strengths, efficiencies and capabilities.

This collection brings with it enhanced interactive tools for designers and clients to explore and, for hands-on hive design, we will offer mini-hexagons to arrange and rearrange during creative exploration.

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