Carpet installation technology can alleviate allergy issues

by Tania Wannenburg
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Dust is one of the main sources of allergic reactions. This carpet installation technology can alleviate allergy issues.

Facility managers in childcare and other allergy sensitive environments have become aware of the increase in the number of children’s allergies. While the reason for the increase is yet to be determined, this hasn’t stopped them from seeking out ways to limit the impact of allergies.

One of the main causes of allergies is dust. Unfortunately, a quick sweep or wipe-down of surfaces won’t necessarily alleviate the problem as a single inhalation can trigger an allergic reaction or an asthma attack.

Where a carpet is installed, Top Carpets and Floors offers its Healthguard Flooring Installation System through over 120 outlets in South Africa. This system offers the solution needed in order to eliminate this threat at the source.

The Healthguard Flooring Installation System makes a carpet an unsuitable environment for bacteria and organisms that can become a threat to people with allergies. It works in two easy steps: The first step involves removing the flooring material in order to prevent contaminants from becoming airborne, followed by the use of a high-powered filtration vacuum cleaner to cleanse the subfloor. The second step involves using an antimicrobial spray to eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for allergenic organisms. This process greatly reduces the risk of the moisture accumulation which is essential for the growth of harmful organisms.

How the system safeguards your health
•    Healthvac: A high-filtration vacuum system effectively removes all contamination from the bare floor after your old carpeting has been removed.
•    Bioguard Pro: This is sprayed onto the floor surface and provides long-term protection from allergies, dust mites, microbes and mould.
•    Spillguard underlay: The underlay is installed to create a protective barrier against future contamination from spills and rising damp.

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