Carpet Design Awards 2018 winners announced at DOMOTEX

by Madelein
Carpet Design Awards 2018 winners announced at DOMOTEX

A total of 265 carpeting products were submitted from 16 countries for the Carpet Design Awards 2018. The winners of the various categories were announced on 13 January at DOMOTEX in Hannover. Eight winning carpets were selected by a jury of professionals chaired by Michael Mandapati, carpet expert and founder of Warp & Weft, New York. Here are the 2018 winners:

Carpet Design Award winners for 2018

Category 1: Best Studio Artist Design
“Golden Fade” from Salem van der Swaagh
“The jury was impressed by how the maker uses textile waste to create interesting textures in different techniques.”

Category 2: Best Modern Design Superior
“Chaos” from Lila Valadan
Reason for the jury’s choice:
“The winning rug was felt to have a pattern that reads like a narrative.”

Category 3: Best Modern Design Deluxe
“Galmous” Atlas Mountain Rug from Soufiane Zarib
“The jury called this a rug with soul that brings to the surface the best qualities of carpet weaving.”

Category 4: Best Transitional Design
“Blue Star” from Art Resources
“In the words of the jury: To take a traditional pattern and turn it into a contemporary look solely through the use of colour is a tremendous achievement.”

Category 5: Best Flatweave Design
“Vague Harmony” from Lila Valadan
Reason for the jury’s choice:
“The winner is a stunning rug that provoked our experienced panel to stop and ask questions about how it is made.”

Category 6: Best Collection
“Chand LC Collection” from Choudhary Exports
Reason for the jury’s choice:
“Top in this category is an original and well-made collection where each rug references another while remaining unique.”

Category 7: Best Interior
“Mediterranean Capo Boi” from Mariantonia Urru
Reason for the jury’s choice:
“The winning company takes weaving to a place where textile becomes architecture.”

Category 8: Best Communication
“Shifting Perception Advertising Campaign” from Edelgrund
“This is the sort of campaign that makes you stop and look again, said the jury, a true mark of success when it comes to getting the message of your brand across.”

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.domotex.de for the information contained in this article.

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