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Carpet adventures in Mexico City

The most recent project reveal from Creative Matters comes from Mexico City where they collaborated with Chapi Chapo Design on some amazing floorcoverings for the presidential suites, guestrooms, corridors and ballroom of the new Ritz-Carlton hotel. Creative Matters’ managing partner, Ana Cunningham, supervised the process which started in 2017 and ended with a successful installation in the middle of 2021.

An ultra-modern skyscraper

Centrally located in the metropolis across from Chapultepec Park, the 153-room hotel is part of a 50-storey skyscraper that also holds residential units. Chapi Chapo Design’s modern interior design rejects colonial influence and traditional forms of Mexican art and design, instead favouring the fascinating storytelling and folklore that are strongly embedded in Mexican culture. At the outset of the project, Chapi Chapo Design outlined the direct correlation between the luxurious finishes and the rich heritage and ancient traditions such as the use of smoke to cleanse the body and mind.

The presidential suite

For the presidential suite rug, Chapi Chapo Design provided the design and Creative Matters brought it to life by carefully interpreting the subtle colour blends and transforming them into the proper format for the mill. Based on abstract landscapes and the water’s edge, the teal and ochre rug was impeccably hand-tufted in wool at their mill in Thailand.

A collaboration of designers

Ana called on the talents of various Creative Matters’ designers including Madeleine Baigent, Kayla Bortolotto, Anna Panosyan and Kat Pezzano. “It took several teams to realize the success of this project; I am grateful to have worked with so many talented people along the way,” said Ana.

Smokey carpets for every room

For the ten floors of corridor carpet, Chapi Chapo Design created a narrative and design inspired by traditional sacred smoke rituals. “A critical technicality of this floorcovering was how to handle the seams because the corridors are angled,” said Ana. “We solved this by ensuring any areas where seaming was required did not include design details, only the blended field. Handled this way, the seams are truly hidden.”

The area rug for the 97 guest rooms again plays off the ancient smoke ritual with smoky elements swirling elegantly within an oval-shaped design.

For the ballroom carpet, Chapi Chapo Design envisaged a comparatively more simplified and structured design that still followed the hotel interior’s subdued palette of dusty blues and smokey ash.

Although Ana had to supervise the installation over a video call because of the pandemic, perfection was achieved, and everyone agrees the interior design with the floorcoverings is a great success.

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