Plascon has announced its third annual Colour Combination as a selection of aquatic hues designed to alleviate stress and invigorate spaces.  

 The Colour Combination for 2024 looks at the restorative properties of water in times when concerns for our health and that of our planet take precedence, bringing a sense of calm and optimism for a lighter and brighter future. 

 A harmonious trio  

 In 2022, Plascon became the first coatings company in South Africa to present a Colour Combination of the Year, featuring three colours instead of just one. It has launched these in a 60-30-10 ratio, the industry-standard design approach of 60% of a room being in a dominant colour, 30% in a secondary colour and 10% in an accent colour, making it easier for users to achieve a well-considered look.  

 The 2024 trio of colours emerges after months of extensive research, as the world recovers from the pandemic years and faces extreme climate challenges. 

 Aquatic tones 

 Crystal-clear Caribbean Sea (G7-A1-2) is the colour representing the largest percentage in the design ratio. On its own, this colour evokes sun-lit shallow waters on a warm day, while its pairing with the other two colours, North Beach (B4-B1-1) at 30% and Aqua Pura (G7-C2-2) at 10%, captures the full spectrum of aquatic blues.  

  • The vibrant warm turquoise of Crystal-clear Caribbean Sea (G7-A1-2) with a green undertone is invigorating, bringing energy and a sense of renewal into any space. 
  • North Beach (B4-B1-1) is a bold and saturated azure, without being too cool.   
  • The gently shaded, blue-green Aqua Pura (G7-C2-2) is the perfect highlight.  

 Together, this layered and immersive harmony of hues awakens the restorative properties of blue. 

Plascon announces its 2024 Colour Combination: A trio of calming blues. 

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