Highlighting a new commercial carpet range manufactured by a company focussed on building relationships with is clients.

Buzzwords in any industry often abound, but usually subside as quickly as they were conceived. The building industry is no different, with concepts such as “mindful constructing” and “building with a conscience” often being used to describe company visions or objectives, however, only a handful of organisations ‘live’ these concepts through client service but more importantly, by building lasting relationships and partnerships.

Building with a conscience relates to a company’s approach to ethical manufacturing in order to preserve the environment and improve overall wellbeing, while mindful constructing looks at a company’s daily practises to achieve sustainability and ultimately, organisational success. Nouwens Carpets has a reputation in the industry for not only delivering on these concepts, but for excelling in various key areas, with a predominant focus on client relationships.

The ultimate driving force behind these concepts is to know and trust one’s suppliers, especially as clients want to align themselves with a company’s values. These values encompass everyone involved in a project; from the owner, to the designer to the contractor – everyone needs to understand the process, expectations and fully engage in the collaboration.

Nouwens has built a solid foundation within the construction industry, be it architects, designers and contractors, due to their excellent domestic carpet offering while exuding a passion for creating beautiful, durable carpets. They have a reputation for manufacturing broadloom carpets and carpet tiles of distinction at their mill in Harrismith since their inception in 1962. Their customers and clients are seldom satisfied with the status-quo, which drives Nouwens to continuously investigate, explore and identify new flooring solutions. To respond to and fulfil these needs, Nouwens has expanded its commercial offering and calls it Nouwens Commercial Collection.

This new collection incorporates various elements of existing ranges, with additional colours and designs packaged specifically for commercial use. It also expresses strong visual elements that are in harmony and balance with the chosen colours while encapsulating their focus on building invaluable and lasting relationships and partnerships with interior designers/architects and flooring contractors.

Nouwens Commercial Collection includes:
• A timeless range named Contracta Spec made from Nylon fibre;
• A range of carpet tiles in the form of Nouwens Commercial Tiles that are made from own extruded Nouwens PA 6 Nylon fibre;
• A solution dyed nylon range, Pinto, which is also made from own extruded Nouwens PA 6 Nylon fibre; and
• A new, price effective, flat weave range called Modweave, made from own extruded Polypropylene

Nouwens aims to use this solid foundation to build and expand new ranges to the Nouwens Commercial Collection offering to ensure that it fulfil its client’s needs. Their goal is to also continue pursuing and offering innovative, well-engineered products, made locally, while remaining hands-on and never compromising on the quality of their craftsmanship.

As such, Nouwens will keep building its professional reputation while embracing the opportunity to further enhance its client relationships by responding to their needs and requests and build future partnerships.

For more information:  0860 000 058 / www.nouwenscarpets.co.za