Building Construction Standards for South Africa available to industry

by Tania Wannenburg
Building Construction Standards Jnl 6 16

The comprehensive technical reference guide, Building Construction Standards for South Africa, is currently available to the industry.

Since 2004, a unique group of dedicated individuals have been studying and researching the South African architectural engineering and construction (AEC) market with the goal of establishing the specific requirements to deliver industry targeted publications.

Of the many discoveries and lessons learned over the last eleven years, the most valuable has been the fact that no single person would be able to deliver what the industries had been yearning for.

While South Africa celebrated the excitement of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Architective Publications celebrated the birth of their business and have since diligently pursued their vision and plan. Some individuals called them crazy for undertaking such a massive task, but even more joined them on this challenge.

By 2013 they had approximately 30 industry experts working on the contents of the first book and after three years of intense research, checking, double checking and re-checking again, Building Construction Standards for South Africa is available to everyone. It is inevitable for publications such as Building Construction Standards for South Africa to be revised and updated on a regular basis, other equally significant publications are being researched and developed for the AEC community.

With its clear presentation of the essential concepts underlying building construction, Building Construction Standards for South Africa equips professionals and students in all areas of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) with valuable guidelines for a practical approach to any new materials or techniques they may encounter in building planning, design, and construction.

Building Construction Standards for South Africa is for everyone who is involved in the AEC industry, even building owners. Media partners, such as Specilink, SACAP, SAIA and IID, share their passion for this project and are also driven to delight their audience with the announcement of this publication. Over 60 illustration-packed sections make up the 30 chapters of this new work.

To place an order, email orders@architective.co.za.

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