The 2018 print edition of Architective’s Building Construction Standards for South Africa is now available and can be ordered online for R920. The manual offers an excellent introduction to the principles of building construction and covers virtually every principle, material and method used to design and construct most buildings.

The reference guide includes over 3000 illustrations and has been expertly written and edited to address the latest changes in municipal requirements, advances in building materials and in building technology. The manual is geared towards built environment professionals and Architective’s goal is for architectural engineering and construction professionals and students to rely on the visual presentation to understand the complex processes of building construction.

The manual consists of 30 chapters and will cement itself as the standard go-to reference in the industry. Over 30 authors and contributors have distilled lifetimes of experience into this readily available resource for all. Some of the chapters include sections on governing bodies and practice, various types of site work, sub-structure foundations, steel construction, earth construction, landscape development and more. Visit this link to purchase the manual:

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