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Bringing global style trends back to South Africa, Steve Joubert, chief executive officer of Stiles, attended Cevisama in Spain to meet with suppliers and see what innovations the sector had on offer. This visit is part of the retailer’s aim to keep customers up to date with global tile trends and having the latest products available locally. Joubert shares his thoughts on the styles and trends that caught his eye at the show:  

Relief finishes 

Relief finishes really stood out, with fluted patterns proving to be very popular in all types of looks, from wood to marble. It seemed to be the most popular wall finish on display. 

Relief finishes really stood out, like this bamboo tile from Realondo.

Keeping in that trend, the kit-kat tiles were still very popular, with a growing number of options on offer at the show.  

Small formats  

Smaller subway tiles, for example a 50x150mm tile, made a huge impact at Cevisama and are clearly trending. Joubert predicts that this size and format will hit the local market in the next year. The ranges on display included a wide range of solid colours. 

Pastel and watercolour tones from Harmony Inspire.

Metro tiles 

Larger 50x500mm sized subway tiles are still popular in watercolour and pastel tones. 


As usual, there were many marble- and wood-look patterns to see, as well as a large focus on décor tiles. Terracotta is still on the rise, becoming more of a classic than a trend, with many options available. Hexagon shapes remain a very popular choice. 

Classic marble patterns are timeless, as seen at Gayafores.

“I felt that the show was not as well attended as previous years, but the Spanish market seems to be establishing itself as a trendsetter, with many new designs versus the more classical styles. There were many different tiles to see from the manufacturers,” Joubert concludes. 


Local perspective on Cevisama as Stiles’ chief executive officer, Steve Joubert, visited the show to see the latest trends and innovations.  


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