Breaking the marketing mould

by Tania Wannenburg
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A passionate woman who has built her own career based on a set of principles that have resulted in her position as Marketing Manager.

As Marketing Manager for Flowcrete SA, Verity King is responsible for a vast array of activities that includes managing an ongoing marketing strategy that supports the strategic growth plan of Flowcrete, which requires market research, product development, pricing strategy and customer research, to name a few.

“I also offer a marketing service support to the sales team, both nationally and in Africa, to aid them in reaching their annual targets,” says Verity. “This function includes the maintenance of the Flowcrete SA website and social media presence, marketing literature, marketing campaigns including advertising campaigns, and all aspects regarding public relations services that reflect the Flowcrete brand in a manner that truly represents who we are and what we stand for.”

Flowcrete manufactures epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylates and vinyl ester resin flooring systems, and Verity has to be at the top of her game to ensure that she accurately communicates the vision and mission of the company. She achieves this by placing an emphasis on work ethics, which is extremely important to her. “I firmly believe that both Flowcrete and our clients benefit from this approach,” enthuses Verity. “I am very passionate about what I do and ensure that I give 200% at all times. I believe that hard work, dedication and believing in yourself and your own talents and skills is what makes you a success and, as a bonus, career and job satisfaction will follow suit.”

Verity makes several unique contributions to Flowcrete, such as her creativity and her ability to think ‘outside the box’. Another skill of hers is multi-tasking, as is most often evident in women. “Competing in this industry requires a different approach to marketing in order to capture the attention of our clients,” she states. “Being able to accomplish this through innovative marketing campaigns has been a significant achievement in my career.”

Her position and experience places her in good stead to offer invaluable advice to specifiers. She encourages them to try new products and keep an open mind when specifying. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and bold,” she suggests. “You don’t need to conform to the proverbial ‘norm’.”

She is of the opinion that any woman in a leadership position today needs to understand that she is a role model for all younger women still finding their way in business. Mentoring also plays a very important part in good leadership. “A woman therefore has a significant responsibility,” says Verity. “I sincerely believe that women are capable of holding their own in any leadership position in business, provided they believe in what they are doing. With the right experience and education, women can be just as good leaders as men and, in some cases, have proven they can be even better.”

She goes on to say that there is nothing holding women back except their own fears. “In fact, women should strive for leadership roles because, let’s face it, once we put our minds to something we will achieve it,” she concludes. “That being said, both men and women have a place in business today to become dynamic leaders and complement each other with their individual strengths. It is not a competition, but in the end it’s about who is best for that particular job.”

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