Bonding primer that sticks to just about anything

by Ofentse Sefolo
Bonding primer that sticks to just about anything

Surface prep just got easier for flooring contractors thanks to ECO Prim Grip™ by Mapei. This bonding primer eliminates the use of slurry coats and dust from the scarification process and can be used in a wide array of applications, ranging from tiling and levellers to carpet and vinyl installations.

Eco Prim Grip creates a great surface for bonding with cementitious materials including mortar, patches, tile adhesives and self-levellers. The synthetic acrylic resin base contains aggregate, which means it will stick to just about anything. Here are a few installation scenarios where the primer offers the perfect solution:

If the existing tile is clean, flat, well-bonded and sound, then a thick coat or two of ECO Prim Grip will ensure the surface is ready for the installation.

Self-levelling underlayments
Concrete slabs traditionally need to be prepared to attain certain mechanical properties before applying a self-leveller. The new primer is rich in aggregate – or texture – to create the appropriate profile for most MAPEI self-levelling underlayments.

Resin-backed tiles
These types of natural stone, glass or porcelain tiles are backed with an epoxy resin which is tough for normal tile mortar to bond with, but not ECO Prim Grip. The product can also be used on tough bonding surfaces such as VCT, brick, non-absorbent concrete, terrazzo and more.

For more information, contact Mapei:
Tel: +27 (11) 552 8476
Website: www.mapei.co.za

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