Bold patterns are the latest trend

by Darren
Johnson Tiles bold patterns Jnl 1 16

Mix bold-patterned tiles with rustic or natural tiles to create a unique and modern look.

This season the upcoming trend to look out for is bold patterns. These bold patterns are not only appearing on runways but also on floor and wall tiles in homes and commercial spaces.

The key to going gallant is to have fun when designing a space with bold patterns. For example, create a focal point in a kitchen by adding bold patterns on the floor for a more dynamic design.

“Whether you opt for traditional-looking tiles, Moroccan-inspired tiles, geometric or other patterned tiles, the key to pulling off this modern look is to mix bold-patterned tiles with rustic or natural tiles to create a unique and modern look, packed with character,” says Meghan Kelly, brand manager for Johnson Tiles.

As with fashion, tile designs need to evolve with shifting trends and customer demands. “Our newly acquired inkjet technology allows us to create the latest on trend tiles, be it for your home, franchises or satellite offices,” Meghan continues.

Johnson Tiles produces various tile sizes and formats. Gone are the days that one was restricted to the standard square tile body. Tiles are now produced in large formats and even planks that can be cut to size or even into geometrical shapes such as octagons for a beautiful finish. “You don’t have to be restricted to using one tile shape and size either. Mix and match shapes and sizes for an edgy look,” concludes Meghan.

All Johnson Tiles inkjet products are tested against the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating system and conform to the highest standards to ensure they are durable.

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