Located in the Nan’ao Subdistrict, Shenzhen, the Blue and White Island Pool Homestay Resort is a joint creation by Miyue and GS Design. Miyue is a pioneer in creating innovative vacation experiences at their resorts. This elegant holiday destination’s design focusses on the relationship between architecture and the good life.  

“Elegant vacationing” 

Redefining the term “elegant vacation”, GS Design has created a resort in harmony with the surrounding environment. The main body of the building is a multi-dimensional windowed space connecting the natural landscape with the interior. A wide range of facilities is available for guests, including a shared dining room, water bar, reading recreation area and conference room. 

Natural colours and materials 

The building is pure white, combining with blue sea and sky to create the relaxing feel of an exotic vacation immersed in nature. The interior is dominated by pure and clear colours, integrating nature into the interior. The public dining area has natural bamboo and wood, while the black bamboo bar adds an exotic tone. 

One room, one view through transition spaces 

The resort offers 25 different rooms, with independent transition spaces between each building, to realise the goal of “one room, one view”. GS Design considered the scale of each window, framing the views. The shapes are interesting, with triangle oblique top modelling, Japanese tatami and arches. 

Tactile and sensory experience 

Private splash pools and baths overlook the surrounding mountains and ocean, giving visitors a quiet contemplative space far from their ordinary lives. Baths cocooned within rugged cave-like spaces offer large windows and openings for a visual, tactile and sensory experience.

Project information
Project name: Miyue Blue and White Cliffside Resort.
Area: 2 800m².
Completion time: January 2023.
Owner: Shenzhen Miyue Hotel Management Company.
Architectural design: GS Design.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to http://www.gengshangdesign.com/ for the information in this editorial. 

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