Blaise Restaurant: Swiss inspiration, Brazilian art

The official launch of Expo Revestir 2024 was held at the award-winning Blaise Restaurant, at the Rosewood Hotel in Sao Paulo. This contemporary restaurant was inspired and named after Swiss novelist and poet, Blaise Cendrars, a pivotal figure in the modern art movement.  

Old meets new 

Blaise is located on the ground floor of the Rosewood Hotel, which is housed in the fully restored, historic Matarazzo Maternity Ward building. This is part of the enclave of Cidade Matarazzo, a complex of preserved buildings from the early 20th century and now transformed into a mixed-use lifestyle hub. 

Blaise Restaurant: Swiss inspiration, Brazilian art

The décor at Blaise is hyperlocal, from décor items produced by local artists to the local marble tabletops.

The fusion of old meets new is a central design theme, recognising Brazil’s rich past, with a nod to the future.  


The restaurant is presented in three parts – a green area styled as a reconstructed olive grove, an outdoor patio area and the main restaurant. 

Everything is bigger, bolder, moodier and hyperlocal with hand-painted wall tiles by Brazilian artist, Fernando de la Rocque, covering the open kitchen and local marble tabletops. Another stand-out feature is the rows of hand-tumbled green stone placed in rows on the walls and illuminated from behind. 

Art gallery 

Blaise Restaurant: Swiss inspiration, Brazilian art

The moody ambience melds old with new, and Swiss with Brazilian influences.

 The overall feel within the main restaurant is that of a Swiss log chalet, filled with custom wooden furniture and objet from local artists. Home to over 150 000 unique pieces of art, custom carpets and furniture, the interior is more like an art gallery. 

Exploring the understated elegance of Blaise Restaurant, where art and design matter as much as the food. 

Expo Revestir 2024 is taking place from 19 March 2024 to 22 March 2024, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Click here to see more     

Visit the Anfacer, the Brazilian national association of ceramic manufacturers for coverings, sanitaryware and related products: 


Acknowledgement and thanks to Anfacer and Expo Revestir for hosting the Expo Revestir launch event. For more information, visit 

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