Vermilion Zhou Design Group has completed more than 800 projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In each they continuously push the boundaries of design in order to embrace new possibilities while redefining a modern oriental lifestyle, which has established Vermilion Zhou’s unique identity and reputation in the field.

For their latest project, the studio worked on the new “In Green Massage Shanghai Lujiazui”. In true form they have pushed the boundaries, this of “Black”, creating changes in the habits of ordinary visuals, hiding in the concrete jungle and accepting all tired bodies with tolerance.

Bringing light to black

“Black without light is a kind of pure tolerance. When all kinds of visible light have been absorbed, vision is surrounded by darkness. Black holes can absorb everything unconditionally, whether good or bad, which both devours but also tolerates. In the modern city, a kaleidoscope of light represents the progress of civilisation. However, this progression comes with counter forces, such as disturbances and noise,” comments Garvin Hung, who joined the team as interior design director in 2009.

Moving through the space with an almost cave-like feeling, upon exiting the elevator, the entrance sits in a dark wall with water-rippled light. Wuxing* (Five Elements) states that black symbolises water, and when water meets black, it transforms into the colour of Chinese ink, which symbolises inclusion.

According to “A tale of the fountain of the peach blossom spring”, the following is said: “The fisherman beheld a hill, with a small opening from which issued a glimmer of light.” Following the dim light, the porch of the arc provides guests with the time to relax and relieve their bodies, while at the same time darkness sharpens all the senses.

Modern artwork captures fantasy

The multimedia artwork, “Chasing Cloud” by artist Yong Yang Liang, creates another fantasy world of two Chinese dragons flying through the mist and clouds. In respect to Eastern cultures, the colour black represents both mystery and dignity, and the yin-yang principle from Tai Chi implies the circle of life.

In the lounge, inspiration emerges from the curved partition and furniture derived from the symbol of Tai Chi, wrapping patrons in a sense of safety and privacy. Layers of dark texture are also particular highlights of the space, providing a gradual recuperation process into a better space.

Green Massage Lujiazui, which is located in the crowded financial district of Shanghai, creates a secluded corner with a deep immersive experience, offering every tired body and soul a gentle, nourishing treatment of sensory circulation.

Technical sheet:
• Client: Green SPA Management & Consultancy.
• Address: No. 66 Huayuanshiqiao Road, 6th Floor, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
• Creative director: Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou Interior Design: Garvin Hung, Yue Hu, Sihu Zhang.
• Lighting design: Vera Chu, Chia Huang Liao FF&E Design: Di Sun.
• Digital art: Yang Yong Liang.

*The Chinese term “wuxing” (“wu-hsing”, “five processes” or “five phases”) refers to a fivefold conceptual scheme that is found throughout traditional Chinese thought.

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Photographer: Yunpu Cai

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