Bigger is better

by Tania Wannenburg
Bigger slabs Jnl 4 16

Longer slabs of porcelain tiles create a feeling of warmth and luxuriousness.

Strong, distinguished and simply captivating – these are just a few words that capture Caesar’s Project Evolution larger slabs in 120 x 240 and 120 x 120. The 9mm thickness gives great resistance to loads and bending strength and makes the slabs ideal for floor and wall installations. These specific sizes also reduce the number of cuts and waste.

The 120 x 240 and 120 x 120 slabs enrich the floor with all the prestige and beauty of two esteemed formats, maintaining all the robustness and strength so typical of porcelain tiles. They also take the beauty of porcelain tiles to a new level by transforming every space into something unique while maintaining the robustness and strength so typical of this material.

As a result of their size, there are fewer grout lines, which increases the feeling of warmth and prestige. In turn, the graining of natural marble is also enhanced, which translates into a high aesthetic quality that is comparable to extremely luxurious materials.

Their exceptional aesthetic impact can enhance the floors of a multitude of building types, be it residential, public or commercial spaces. The end result is a captivating floor that aims to impress with each and every step.

Source: http://www.caesar.it/grandi-formati

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