Bigger and broader LVTs set to become supplier’s top vinyls

by Ofentse Sefolo
Bigger and broader LVTs set to become supplier’s top vinyls

New oversize vinyls bring the charm and beauty of natural wood to centre stage. “Big” is the buzzword at Belgotex Floors as they introduce two beautiful new luxury vinyl tile (LVT) ranges – Penninsula and Portland – that are bigger and broader than the standard sizes.

The new oversize vinyls bring the charm and beauty of natural wood to centre stage, in line with Belgotex’s passion for exquisite fashionable flooring.

Portland and Penninsula’s longer and wider plank dimensions – 230 x 1500mm – indulge the world’s love affair with timber tones and textures, covering a larger surface area per plank with far fewer joins.

Each range features a delicate wooden grain design with fewer characteristic markings such as repetitive knots or saddles. The simple, embossed matt surfaces bring the soft, natural textures and bevelled beauty of various timber species to life.

The company is confident that these beautiful ranges will prove to be the most aesthetically pleasing vinyls yet – no small claim given their experience in vinyl flooring over the past 8 years!

Made from 100% virgin PVC that contains no impurities or recycled content, Penninsula is ideal for corporate and commercial installations where organic materials and colours have been used. It’s available in eight contemporary colourways, from cooler, light shades with grey undertones to dark dramatic colours, and the dry-back (stick-down) system provides a convenient, comfortable floor suitable for offices, retail outlets and large expanses. The multi-layered 3mm surface helps improve productivity and concentration as it absorbs sound, while the superior 0.55mm wear layer provides anti-bacterial, UV-resistant protection for its glorious good looks.

Portland’s range of eight rustic colourways, including a popular distressed whitewashed option, adds a fashionable earthy appeal to residential interiors. Bringing the beauty of Mother Nature inside, it is engineered to stay as perfect as the day it was installed. The textured wooden surface is warm and comfortable underfoot, with a 0.3mm wear layer that provides added protection against scratches and water damage typical in households.

Both ranges have passed the tests for VOC’s, bear the vinyl.dot and SAVA logos for Product Stewardship and are guaranteed to last for 10 years in a commercial setting or 20 years in a home.

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotexfloors.co.za.

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