A one-page calendar that will change how you view the year – it’s simpler, compact and reusable from year to year.

Most of us use a calendar to know the calendar day corresponding to the day of the week. Rather than changing your calendar every month, this one-page calendar works for the whole year and gives you all the information you need.

And the best news? If you understand how it works, you will never need to buy another calendar ever again.

How it works

The one-page calendar works as follows:

  • January, March, May, July, August, October and December have 31 days.
  • April, June, September and November have 30 days.
  • February has either 28 or 29 days, depending on the year.

If you remember this, the calendar can be matched up to the day/month of the year with the day of the week it falls on.

If you are curious about which day of the week 4 July 2023 falls on, rather than flipping a conventional calendar to July and seeing, you could trace “4” to the right and “July” down, finding where they meet (on a Tuesday), revealing the day of the week.

Start with the month and use your finger to drag down to the desired day of the week, to the day that you need.

An example to practise

Take 25 December, Christmas Day. You know the day of the month, appearing on the left. You know the month of the year, written on the top right. Put two fingers, one from each hand, on the date (25th) and the month (December) and then slide the “day” hand to the right side while you slide the “month” hand downward until they meet.

One-page calendar – perfect

Except for the placement of the months (in blue) in the upper-right corner of the one-page calendar, everything else is always the same. The way the months are placed shifts in a repeating pattern.

By simply knowing when 1 January is, and if it’s a leap year, you’ll have the most convenient calendar ever.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to https://bigthink.com/ for the information in this editorial.

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