You may have heard of going big in Japan, but Brazilian tile manufacturer, Embramaco, has put its own stamp on this idea. This woman-owned company is one of the biggest tile manufacturers in Brazil and produces the largest tile sizes in the country. Floors visited the factory during the Expo Revestir launch press tour to see if it lives up to the hype. 

Sizing up 


Embramaco lays claim to the largest tile press in Latin America and produces the largest format tiles in Brazil.

With the mindset of “If it can be imagined, it can be created”, Embramaco produces a range of over 700 tiles. These are manufactured in highly specific sizes, sometimes with only a 5mm difference between options, and it produces XXL tiles up to an impressive 184cm length.  

Trending designs 

Marble-look patterns dominate the design range, with wood and cement taking precedence over decorated or relief patterns, stone-look designs and solid colours.  


The company manufactures under four brands: 

Embramaco Porcelanato 

  • Manufactures over 23 million square metres of porcelain tiles per year, expressed as one standard apartment per minute. 
  • The tiles range in size from 72x72cm to planks of 31x184cm and 94x184cm.  

Embramaco Ceramica 

  • Produces 130 000 square metres of flooring and coverings every day, totally more than 51 million square metres of ceramic tiles per year. 
  • Sizes from 45x45cm to 46x100cm.  

Spotted on the tour! A piece of Africa, compliments of high-definition print technology.


  • Focussed on producing XXL formats ranging from 85x85cm to 64x123cm. 

Castelli Porcelanato 

  • An upmarket brand with large and XXL porcelain tiles.  

Floors visited a tile factory that produces the largest tiles in Brazil, and over 60 million square metres of tiles. 

Acknowledgement and thanks go to https://www.embramaco.com.br/ for the information in this article. 

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