When it comes to hygiene and cleaning, one surface that is often overlooked is flooring. Floors are the largest reservoir for contaminants. Unfortunately, these contaminants do not remain on the floor – they are easily tracked throughout facilities on shoes and socks. Flooring surfaces are in fact, high-touch surfaces, which need to be included in routine cleaning as well as disinfection and sanitising protocols.

Cleaning per type

Determining the type of floor for cleaning is essential. Both sanitisation and disinfection are distinct processes that call for specific applications of products, each meant for use on different types of materials.

Disinfectants are designed for use on precleaned, hard, nonporous surfaces such as vinyl composition tile, terrazzo and vinyl.

Sanitising products are for use on porous & semiporous surfaces such as wood, carpet & other textiles.

However, precleaning is a crucial first step to remove soil and other debris. Not doing this may result in a barrier forming between the disinfectant and the organisms it targets. Therefore, ensure that products function optimally by starting the cleaning regime with a preclean.

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