Buying local products is about more than a feel-good feeling. FloorworX lists the benefits of Proudly SA products.

When sourcing products for your building project, it pays to stop and consider how your Rand can be put to better use by growing the South African economy. But what does “buying local” really mean?

Everyone from government entities to private companies and consumers are encouraged to buy local so that local businesses can grow. Not only does this help South African companies flourish, but it also encourages job creation and economic growth. When you buy a locally made product from a business in your area, owned and managed by people who live and work in the community, you are investing in the broader development of our country.

When it comes to making a profound impact on the economy, manufacturing has the best multiplying effect. This multiplying effect, known as the ‘snowballing’ of economic activity, starts with an initial injection into the economy which leads to a larger impact on the national income. Every purchase has a knock-on effect, stimulating demand for local products and services, and creating, or at least safeguarding jobs. Not only do we reduce our reliance on imports, we are also simultaneously helping to build our own industries.

According to Plastics SA, plastics manufacturing contributes approximately 1.6% to South Africa’s GDP and 14.2% to the manufacturing sector. Government also recently defined this sector as a priority sector.

FloorworX has 60 years of business experience and is a member of the Plastics Converters Association of Southern Africa (PCASA) as well as a founding member of the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA). The company is also the only ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and OHSAS 18001-certified vinyl flooring manufacturer in South Africa and it has a level 4 Contributor BBBEE certificate.

In light of these facts, one simply can’t afford not to buy local products. FloorworX continues to develop new flooring solutions for the industry. The company has sales offices in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town, and manufactures vinyl flooring at its 26 000m² factory in East London.

•    Floorflex
•    Superflex
•    Industrial Floor
•    NSB (Marley Tile)
•    Welding Rod
•    Vinyl Maintenance products
•    Adhesives & Screeds
•    Extruda vinyl finishing accessories
•    Intrad wall & corner protection accessories

About Semi-flexible Floorflex
These vinyl floor tiles are available in 3 gauges and a range of 18 standard colours to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of tone and shade. Manufactured in accordance with SANS 581 and laid in FloorworX No. 62 acrylic adhesive, Floorflex tiles are the perfect locally manufactured floor solution for schools and community halls.

About fully-flexible Superflex
The Superflex vinyl floor sheeting and tiles are available in 2 gauges and a range of 16 standard colours. Manufactured in accordance with SANS 786 and laid in FloorworX No. 62 acrylic adhesive, Superflex sheeting is the perfect locally manufactured floor solution for healthcare facilities. Areas of use for both sheeting and tiles generally include Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure and Corporate establishments.

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