Effective auditorium acoustic design ensures that sounds are loud enough for the audience to hear without echoes or distortion. Siniat’s Creason and Createx acoustic ceiling panels offer the perfect solution to both types of acoustic issues, and the Devland Soweto Education Campus is a perfect example of how these products can be employed.

Importance of acoustics

Reverberation is caused when a sound wave is reflected. Typically found in classrooms or large assembly halls, long reverberations will cause speech intelligibility to be degraded and this can hinder learning. Businesses, schools, restaurants, theatres and hospitals all tend to struggle with sound control. For some, it’s the sound within the room that needs to be lessened, whilst for others, it’s the sound from elsewhere that needs to be blocked from leaving or entering a room.

Devland Soweto Education Campus

Devland Campus is a 2 000m² world-class facility that supports education and community development. Funded by the non-profit Growing Up Africa (GUA), the focus is on 4IR learning that echoes the ever-evolving needs of the global environment. The most striking part of this campus is the swooping design of the main building’s roof, which can be seen from the highway and is designed by Boogertman and Partners.

Interesting facts:

  • Siniat were approached by GUA beginning 2021 to assist with the project.
  • The new Siniat Createx and Creason products were launched around the same time and added the finishing touches to the flying roof.
  • The Creason/Createx board were chosen for practical reasons, but complemented the architectural design.
  • The boards created exceptional acoustics.
  • Combined indoor and outdoor air quality studies confirmed that there are higher indoor air pollutant concentrations.
  • CAPT’AIR technology were integrated into the Siniat Creason and Createx acoustic ceiling and panels have been measured and proven to be effective by long-term, independent scientific studies.

For more information, contact the Etex Group:
Tel: +27 11 389 4500
Email: contactus.siniat@etexgroup.com
Website: www.siniatmastergrid.co.za

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