Best ways to butter those tiles

by Ofentse Sefolo
Best ways to butter those tiles

In a sector that is evolving according to the latest trends choosing the right adhesive is fundamental in achieving the quality finish you desire. With all the different tile shapes and sizes available, installation is becoming more complex.

Buttering tiles to avoid tiling failures

Zamaswazi Ntobela, Product Manager at Mapei South Africa, says “Buttering tiles with adhesive correctly and ensuring there are no air pockets in the layer of adhesive can prevent tiles breaking if they are subjected to concentrated loads, especially in the case of thin tiles that have a lower level of flexural strength compared with traditional thicker tiles”.

By buttering tiles with adhesive correctly, you can prevent tiles from breaking when subjected to concentrated loads.

She says that a full installation bed (100% buttering), is a very important aspect when installing large-size tiles (measuring more than 60 cm), thin tiles, installation of tiles on external surfaces (including on facades), or on surfaces in constant contact with water. Leaching and aggression to the layer of adhesive is also problematic if we consider that water is also a vehicle for transporting substances that could potentially damage the adhesive used to install the tiles. The higher the percentage of the rear side of the tile/slab covered by the adhesive, the better the end result.

Double buttering made simple and better

According to Zamaswazi, double-buttering method is recommended to install tiles by applying the adhesive on both the substrate and on the rear side of the tiles with a suitable notched trowel. “Double-buttering can be achieved more easily using adhesives with modified rheology such as Keraflex S1 Express, Adesilex P9 and Keraflex Maxi S1, formulated for better wetting capacity with an extended open time, especially in hot weather” says the Product Manager.

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