Renovating? Bring out the best in wooden floors

by Darren

FloorworX partners with Bona – the experts in wood floor renovation, maintenance and floorcare since 1919 – to bring you the very best in wood floor renovation. Bona offers a complete range of floorcare products for a perfect and professional result with the environment in focus.

Wood is a fantastic material with thousands of possibilities. Whether you want a natural and safe finish for your wood floor or a shiny look with high wear resistance, Bona is able to provide a solution. Bona’s indoor range includes everything needed for the floor, from varnishes to paint and oils.

In the past, sanding wooden floors required protection of delicate objects from all the dust produced and foreclosure of the room to be renovated. The dusty environment created was neither a healthy nor pleasant environment to work in. Now, using Bona’s Dust Free Sanding System, craftsmen and floor owners can benefit from a sanding process where all dust is contained in the Bona DCS70.

Based on the original Bona DCS, the new generation of dust care systems boasts the cleanest dust container ever. With superior design and a totally sealed dust care system, Bona DCS 70 actually gives out cleaner air than it takes in.

The dust container secures clean air with dust levels well below the legal requirements. A dust- and hassle-free renovation is priceless.

Bona DCS 70
A portable system with a patented two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter. Dust is contained within an easy-to-change bag which prevents the escape of dust into the working environment. Longo Dust Bags and Filters (Coarse and HEPA) are also available.

This results in healthier working conditions in compliance with the new regulations; the provision of a totally sealed system – thanks to a unique seamless bag system, which means no dust can escape when changing the dust bag. It also provides greater customer satisfaction because of sanding without dust, and reduced odour.

The exclusive design from Bona includes a unique separation process that makes this no ordinary vacuum cleaner, and it is ergonomic – designed to be easy to use and transport.

Combine long running times with outstanding clean performance and it is clear that Bona DCS 70 is the perfect choice for clean air, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Once you have experienced true dust-free renovation you won’t settle for anything less!

For more information about the Bona sanding and sealing products offered by FloorworX, contact Sakkie on 011 406 4293 or e-mail to spretorius@floorworx.co.za. A list of the Bona Certified Craftsmen is also available from FloorworX.

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