Best Flooring Project – Is sailing on floating palaces

by Tania Wannenburg
Crossley Best_Project

Crossley Carpets won the award for Best Flooring Project at the 2013 Flooring Awards for the carpeting they supplied for the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas – the world’s largest cruise liners.

These two vessels represent the two largest, most luxurious liners ever to sail the oceans of the world. They were built at STX Finland’s shipyard in Turku and they are captivating, awe-inspiring and filled with extravagant features such as theatres, world-class restaurants and even an aqua-theatre.

The architect for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was Arkitektbyrån AB from Gothenburg, Sweden. Crossley Carpets supplied three different qualities in two products, namely Axminster (comprising 80% new wool and 20% nylon in 8-, 9- and 10-row qualities) as well as Wilton cut-loop carpets (in 8-, 9- and 10-row qualities). The total area was 52 000m2 per vessel totalling a staggering 104 000m2. The carpeting material was shipped from South Africa in December 2010 but the project was only completed mid-2011. It took 10 different flooring teams – each with their own modular responsibilities – to complete the installation.

Crossley uses a system called MasterWeave which allows them to combine both creative design flexibility and the technical aspects to produce high-tech, large-carpet installations. MasterWeave is a marriage of project and production planning that enables the company to weave intricate, ongoing design elements that are larger than the width and length of individual rolls.

By integrating project planning and production planning, MasterWeave allows them to do large, grand designs that consist of multiple individual rolls that come together to form the completed design at the time of installation.

The company’s production planners also produce precise installation plans to assist the installers with their part of the process. This limits the propensity for errors and speeds up the process, all of which is critical to a build of this nature where deadlines are critical. This technique was used extensively in the cruise liner project in various individual areas of the ships. The project planning work for this project took a staggering 8 months.

It took four in-house Crossley designers and an in-house design administrator, working with nine different design houses, in three countries, to create in excess of one thousand design concepts. From these concepts the final 150 individual designs were selected, planned into flooded plans for the client to be able to see the concept in linear format.

Crossley commented that this project was unique in the world of flooring and in South Africa specifically. “Even to a company like Crossley who is used to large, unique projects, the size of these liners is staggering. There are very few projects in the world that require in excess of 100 000m2 of carpeting, encompassing as many designs and using as many design and architectural houses as this one did. We are proud and honoured to have contributed to this spectacular project,” concludes Simon Whittaker, sales manager of Crossley Carpets.

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