Bespoke seamless resin terrazzo system for THE MARC

by Ofentse Sefolo
Bespoke seamless resin terrazzo system for THE MARC

THE MARC is Johannesburg’s brand new retail and office complex. Located in the heart of South Africa’s financial district on Maude and Rivonia Corner in the Sandton CBD, the project’s architects, Boogertman + Partners, wanted to build a facility that reflected the area’s fashionable, modern and energetic atmosphere.

Having one of the biggest surfaces in of any shopping centre, getting the floor area right was central to achieving this goal. Flooring plays a significant role in setting the look and feel of the environment and the architects wanted a floor finish that conveys a contemporary, decorative aesthetic and that would maintain this look even after extensive use and wear.

The initial plan was to install tiles, but after seeing examples of what could be achieved in a shopping centre using Flowcrete’s seamless resin terrazzo system, Mondéco, the architects opted for this instead. Flowcrete Africa’s team of resin flooring experts put down and analysed test samples, which led the architects to specify a bespoke, eye-catching Mondéco Earth floor.

For the shopping centre’s main walkways, three complementary colours were chosen and applied in bands and blocks. A glittering, dappled aesthetic was created with light reflective and decorative additives.

The main backdrop colour for the floor is in Polar Mist, with Light Grey and Mid Grey chosen for interesting accents on the floor’s edge, and to break up the main colour with curving shapes. Peran STB in Light Grey, a decorative and durable epoxy resin floor coating, was also applied to levels 15 and 16 of the development. The self-smoothing epoxy resin floor finish, Flowshield SL 1000 in Mid Grey, was applied to 7,000m² of floor area, including throughout all tank rooms and back of house areas, thanks to its robust nature. The mall’s central atrium has a cone-like area of wooden planking that is bordered by the resin terrazzo systems. There are also blocks of carpet at the mall’s main entrances.

The seamless resin terrazzo solution means that THE MARC can rest assured that the floor will withstand the heavy foot traffic, high heels, food and drink spillages as well as the inevitable scuffs, scrapes and stains that floors in busy retail areas inherently face. The architects on the project are founding members of the Green Building Council of South Africa, and so it was important that the new site be designed and constructed in as environmentally sustainable a manner as possible. The floor’s long life span avoids the need for an early flooring refurbishment and the environmental impacts that this would incur. The floor is easy to clean thanks to its impervious nature.

For more information, contact Flowcrete on Tel: +27 (31) 701 0017 or via www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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