The benefits of radiant floor heating

by Tania Wannenburg
Warmup radiant floor heating Jnl 4 16

Radiant floor heating has several benefits making them the better option compared to traditional convective systems.

Radiant floor heating remains one of the most economical, aesthetically pleasing, simple and comfortable methods to heat a home. The benefits of radiant heating when compared to traditional convective systems make it a good option when deciding which to install, either at the building phase or as a retrofit.

Radiant heating transfers the heat directly from the heat source to the object that requires warming without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air unnecessarily. There is far less heat loss due to stratification and loss through the ceiling and windows.

Humidification of the air is not necessary with radiant heating as the air is not dried out as with convective heating. This greatly improves the overall comfort level of the area that is being heated. This also has important health benefits as the breathing passages are not dried out, thereby preventing nasty infections that many people experience during the winter months.

The heat is directed where it is most pleasing – the feet – leaving the air we breathe slightly cooler. In fact, the air surrounding our bodies remains slightly cooler than our bodies, preventing that ‘’stuffy’’ feeling so often experienced in a room that is heated by traditional methods. Radiant heating does not create hot surfaces for children to burn themselves on, does not present any objects to trip over or require storage when not in use. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for all and it is silent as well as out of sight.

Warmup’s unique heating pads are designed to distribute heat evenly and never overheat, even when left on continuously. Additional safety features like the unique spring-like elements and durable cushion allow these heaters to withstand heavy furniture, snooker tables, stiletto heels and other household items.

Warmup continues to promote radiant heating as the number one heating option; they have remained committed to improving their heating systems by researching and implementing various additional energy-saving materials and control devices. These have reduced energy consumption and running costs by over 75%, and offered the added benefits of quick response times and the ability to control the comfort levels with sophisticated yet user friendly electronic thermostats.

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