Benefits of Posi-Joists

by Zuerita
Benefits of Posi-Joists

In response to the need to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the building industry, MiTek has developed the Posi-Joist system. Posi-Joists, which were created for use in flooring, and Posi-Rafters, their roofing equivalents, are chord trusses that combine the lightness of timber with the strength of MiTek’s Posi-Strut steel web to allow greater spans and easier installation than would be possible with any alternative timber products. Here are the main benefits that these unique flooring joists and engineered roof rafters can offer you.

Longer spans
Posit-Joists and Posi-Rafters can span much further than any of their competitors – up to a maximum of 8.3m. This reduces the need for loadbearing interior walls and gives you greater freedom when it comes to designing your building.

Open web design
The basic structure of Posi-Joists consists of planks joined together with Posi-Strut steel webs. The gap between the planks, as well as the increased distance between joist centres, creates a service void, which provides plenty of space for the installation and maintenance of utilities such as plumbing and HVAC systems.

Lightweight construction
Posi-Joists are made light and easy to handle, which makes storage, carrying and installation very easy for construction crews.

Factory manufactured
Each Posi-Joist is manufactured offsite, ensuring a quality product. The final products are then delivered made-to-measure and ready to install.

Wide fixing surface
The wide surfaces of Posi-Joists makes the fixing of floorboards and ceilings simple and minimises shrinkage.

Acoustic performance
Posi-Joists have been tested for their acoustic qualities and comply with all the requirements of for sound performance in the UK and Ireland.

Fire performance
Posi-Joists are fully compliant with British and European fire standards, making them ideal for use in South African construction projects too.

There are a wide range of end details available, providing flexibility and eliminating the need for expensive hangers and metalwork.

With their performance and cost benefits, as well as versatility, these wood-and-metal roof joists and flooring joists can help you build quality floors and roofs at reduced costs. For more information on how you can enjoy these benefits on your next construction project, contact MiTek.

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