When it comes to wall cladding systems, consider using leading providers with extensive experience for adequate advice and installation for wall, corner and door protection systems in healthcare, education and commercial offices. SureProtect Pure is designed for hygiene-sensitive applications.

SureProtect for peace of mind

SureProtect Pure is specifically developed for areas where cleanliness is a priority. It creates an impervious barrier to moisture, is easy to clean and hygienic, as there is no grout that can harbour bacteria, durable and available in a variety of colours.

There is also a range of trimming and jointing and Gradus Grip adhesive solutions. Corners, joints and floor transitions are vital to the overall integrity of a hygienic wall cladding system. A choice of trims, silicone sealants, weld rods and thermoforming are available as solutions to vulnerable junctions.

Ideal for areas with strict hygiene standards

Gradus SureProtect Pure is the ideal solution for healthcare environments that must maintain strict hygiene standards, as it creates a barrier to dirt and bacteria. It has a tough and durable finish and with its smooth surfaces, it is quick and easy to clean. This product helps to reduce the risk of contamination by offering an easy-to-clean wall cladding solution.

Gradus SureProtect is also ideal for use in the commercial industry, hospitality and in industrial kitchens.

It is ideally used in:

  • Healthcare environments.
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Sport and leisure.
  • Laboratories.

Benefits in a nutshell

  1. Hygienic and safe.
  2. Easy cleaning.
  3. Reduce the risk of waterlogging and dampness, thus preventing moulds and bacteria.
  4. Cost-effective and relatively easy installation.
  5. Made of hardwearing, durable and strong PVC.
  6. Requires little maintenance.

Colours galore

It is available in 21 beautiful, modern colours – from pastels in a satin finish to bright colours in a gloss finish.

Be sure to contact Polyflor SA for expert advice on hygienic wall protection.

For more information contact Polyflor SA:
Tel: +27 (11) 609 3500 (speak to Blythe or Wendy)
Email: marketing@polyflor.co.za
Website: www.polyflor.co.za

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