The benefits of entrance mats

by Tania Wannenburg
Smoothedge entrance matting Jnl 3 16

Entrance mats keep a building clean, healthy and visually appealing.

No matter what season it is, choosing the right entrance mat is a necessity. During the rainy season, moisture creeps through the open doorways and creates a safety hazard. The next problem that occurs is dirt. A quality doormat which is properly placed can trap and hold dirt and allergens, preventing their spread into commercial buildings.

This is where Smoothedge’s product offering plays a significant role in ensuring a clean building with floors that have an extended lifespan due to a minimal amount of dirt entering a building.

In addition to the above, dirt that is transferred indoors through shoes also causes wear and tear on hard floors as well as carpets and vinyl floorcoverings.

To reap the benefits of an entrance mat, the mat should be at least three to four and a half meters wide in front of the door in order to guarantee a reduction of 80 to 85% of dirt and moisture from entering the building.

Smoothedge’s PVC door mats are manufactured of a high quality carpet inlay which includes berber point, tufted cut pile and other commercial grade carpet. They are also manufactured in multiple coloured virgin PVC resulting in higher clarity colouration.

These mats can withstand a daily footfall of 2 000 or more people and are recommended for both indoor and outdoor areas. Smoothedge also offers anti-fatigue and anti-static PVC mats without a carpet insert while providing a design and installation service for corporate logos.

As 42% of people judge the appearance of a building on the cleanliness of the floors, the role that entrance matting plays becomes evident. Not only do they ensure a visually appealing building, but a healthier indoor environment with floors that have an extended lifespan due to the lack of dirt being transferred.

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